Abu Dhabi – FreeZone



Company type Free Zone Company
Governing corporate legislation Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority
Accounting requirement Every company shall keep accounting records, which are sufficient to show and explain its transactions
Taxation 0%  corporate and personal tax
Local sponsor requirement Not needed
Foreigner ownership 100% foreign ownership
Residence visa issuance Residence Visa issued
Number of directors needed A minimum of one director


KHALIFA INDUSTRIAL ZONE ABU DHABI (KIZAD) is under the Ministerial Resolution No. 88 of 2006. In this resolution, the Abu Dhabi Ports Operating Company, where KIZAD is a part of, is given the right to own Abu Dhabi’s ports and build industrial and free zone areas.

It is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai—two Emirates that are considered to have major markets in the UAE. It is also near to three international airports (Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport), making it easily accessed by businessmen and clients.

KIZAD is world’s biggest Freezone offering Licenses for Trading, Logistics, Industrial and Service activities at cost effective fees. It is the only Freezone in the UAE offering Freezone and Non-Freezone companies. It provides facilities like Land, Pre-built Warehouses and furnished Offices. An investor can register company in KIZAD as a Single Shareholder company or multi- shareholder with several partners.


Types of Licenses issued by KIZAD

  • Industrial License– The most common form of business license in KIZAD is the industrial license, which many companies avail. For the purpose of importing raw materials, machinery, assembling, packaging purposes and exporting the finished and packed goods to other countries.
  • Trading / General Trading License– Companies that are involved in trading of goods, importing and exporting opt for a trading license in KIZAD. A general trading license permits all trading activities that include import and export, stocking, distribution, warehousing etc .  A general trading license allows a company to have 17 product categories under 3 different product groups.
  • Service License– Activities like marketing services, restaurant services, management consultancy, cargo/logistics services, warehousing services, travel, and tourism services fall under the category of a service license.


KIZAD has introduced a unique concept of DUAL LICENSE system which benefits freezone companies operating here. This system allows the freezone companies operating in KIZAD to have another license from Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED) AbuDhabi, without the requirement of UAE Local Service Agent or Local sponsor. Such Freezone companies taking dual license is not required to take additional physical office or tenancy agreement from mainland. Dual license is not available for branch of foreign company.

This unique system of dual license is implemented by KIZAD to benefit company owners in KIZAD freezone for getting the benefits of non freezone area. The first step to avail this benefit is to register Freezone company in KIZAD. This freezone provides the lowest cost package to avail license in the UAE. After getting Freezone license, the investor has to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) for getting additional license from mainland. In this system, the freezone license has to be renewed prior to renewing of mainland license annually.


Legal Entities Allowed in KIZAD

Companies can be registered in KIZAD through these four legal entity types:

  • Branch Office of a Local Company—this is for applicants with an existing company in the UAE
  • Branch Office of a Foreign Company—this is for the applicants whose existing company is outside the UAE
  • LLC Limited Liability Company – this is can be owned by individual and/or corporate entities..  A company that has the combined features of a sole proprietorship, a partnership and a corporation. The minimum paid-up capital is AED 150,000/-.

Why Set Up a Business in KIZAD

  • Global Connectivity: Khalifa Port, connects with over 65 global destinations by 24 shipping lines
  • Easy access to 2 Global Ports in the UAE – Khalifa Port & JAFZA
  • Free zone and Industrial zone facilities
  • 0% corporate tax and income taxes
  • No customs duty on import and re-export within the Free Zone area
  • Fixed exchange rates (against USD)
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  • Is the first industrial zone in the region that offers Dual-licensing, both Free Zone and Non-Free licenses


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