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Auditing - People process technology
Auditing - People process technology

Accounting Services

Deployment of an Accounting System

Our team of professional auditors will help you to design and implement accounting plans or procedures to suit your business needs. If you think that your current accounting system is not in order, we are here to help you to re-order your total accounting system in an effective manner.

We have highly qualified management accountants who are Chartered Accountants, Chartered Management Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, and their professional equivalents. They are well trained by Standard Auditing and have vast industry experience. Standard Auditors is one of the best Accounting firm in Dubai, UAE

  • Preparation of Financial Procedure Manual
  • Preparation of new Accounting module
  • Preparation of Chart of Accounts
  • Preparation of Budget and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Accounting Advisory services for the better internal control systems