What is Instant License in Dubai?

In July 2017, UAE Government announced the facility of Instant license in Dubai to enable businessmen to obtain their Trade license (Commercial or professional) in just one step within five minutes. The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) division in Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai come up with the option to setup a business in Dubai in just 5 minutes using instant licensing service, curtailing 3 main requirements to make it easy and quick for the investors to register a company in Dubai & start their own business.
Now you can go for business setup in Dubai, UAE in just one step without the need of following three traditional requirements:

  • Without Contract/ MOA
  • Without Trade Name Registering
  • Without Rent Contract/ Tenancy Contract

Traditionally, getting a trade license in Dubai may take one to three months or even longer depend on the activity and requirement set by the Dubai Economic Department. Most time taking requirement to meet in forming a company in Dubai is to have a tenancy/Rent agreement for the office space. From choosing a perfect location to finding economical space to run business operations, making it a lengthy procedure. It can be increased by the further time needed to get the approvals from DED to obtain a business license.

Why Should you go for Instant License Dubai?

  • Time Saving
  • Hassle-Free
  • Less Paper
  • Work Cost-Effective
  • Opportunity to Explore Market
  • Award Winning Service

The instant license Dubai is introduced by DED to help investors in obtaining a trade license in just 5 minutes, making it easy to invest in Dubai and attracts the investors by offering a one year grace period to do the business without lease agreement and Memorandum of association. This instance license option is offered in line with the vision of making Dubai a business hub of the world.

Requirements for Getting an Instant Trade License in Dubai

(1) For Online Applications There are no documents required for online applications.

(2) Other Channels: UAE National or Expats The investor(s) must be a UAE national or expats and have a valid UAE Visa. Physical Presence All the investors, partners, shareholders or at least one of the partners must be present at the time of applying for an instant license.


 Procedure/Steps to Follow

Choose the Legal Form: 

The very first step is to choose the legal form of the business. You may choose among Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, One person LLC and Civil Company

Choose the Activity:

Choose the activity as per the list provided by the Dubai Economic Department.

Shareholding Structure of the Company:

Specify the partners share in the capital and the partner’s profit & loss ratio .

Choose a Trade Name:

If you have already reserved the trade name for your company, provide it. Else, you can use the automatically generated trade name that will be appeared as a number .

Total Value of the Capital:

You need to add the value of the total capital of the company.

Payment Voucher:

Once all the above procedure is been done, the payment voucher will be issued.

Pay the Fees:

Now proceed with payment. Once completed, instant license Dubai will be issued .


Instant License Dubai Cost

Below find the breakup of Dubai instant license fees:

Initial Cost:

The initial cost is fixed to AED 3,000 that include trade name reservation, initial approval of business and Dubai instant license fee.

Rental Costs:

There is no rental cost of the office space with Dubai instant license. The first year is free of this cost .

Sponsorship Fee:

This fee depends on the legal structure, size and most importantly the type of your business activity .

How to Apply for Dubai Instant License Using E- Services

  • Use your smart ID or Dubai ID account to access this services using DED portal, new account be can created if you don’t have.
  • Choose the instant license option.
  • Follow the steps and instant license Dubai will be issued in just 5 minutes.

Still Unsure How to Do? We Can Help You!

There are three channels to get an instant license in Dubai to start a business:

1. DED E-services.

2. Service Centers.

3. Business Setup Consultants .

If you want to know more about legalities, company structure and post company formation procedures, get our help.



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